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Get Monster Blacktail Bucks Running Right At You!

Premier TN Red Cedar Blacktail Deer Call AKTIS

“Hunted all last year with three other deer calls and could not get even a doe to come into my calls.

Got a AKTIS call about a month ago and so far I have called in numerous deer and this really dandy buck.

After about four calling sequences and 10 minutes this really nice buck came right up to me. These calls WORK!”

Joe Henry


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“These calls work!”


Had a great year with your calls, I’m waiting for official score but I believe I got my first Pope and Young black tail.

Jon waiting on Pope and Young Score buck

Jon | Pope and Young Hopeful | Fall 2021

Get Monster Blacktail Bucks Running Right At You!

If you’ve spent any time in the field calling deer, you’ve probably realized that while they may work on Jared S. with Monster Blacktail Buckwhitetails, blacktail bucks just don’t buy into the name-brand commercial calls.

Maybe they’re too smart.

I tried using commercial calls for a couple of years without success.

Then I tried handcrafting my own calls.

Premier Grain Cedar Deer Call $45For whatever reason, blacktails seem to respond aggressively to the tone of natural, hand-carved cedar calls.

I had almost immediate results – blacktail appearing within a minute or two of blowing the call.

I’ve now shared these calls with thousands of hunters just like you from Alaska, Canada, Washington, Oregon, and more.

Maybe you’ll end up just like Jared, above, writing in to share the success of your next hunt.
Dan's Blacktail Buck | AKTIS Blacktail Deer Calls
Fair warning, though – you may need to take cover quick when a buck like this comes charging straight in your direction!

Get your very own Handcrafted Cedar Blacktail Deer Call today and see for yourself how the deer respond to the natural tone of these calls.

I personally hand carve each of these calls, so supplies are obviously very limited.

Get your very own blacktail deer call now, while I still have a few on hand.

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Handful of us hunted PWS 2 years ago, and after 3 days of putting in the miles looking for big mature bucks we connected. Thanks to the Dan’s call these beautiful bucks came walking in, just minutes after blowing the call. Amazing hunt thanks to AKTIS.

Michael Hajworonsky blacktailed bucks 2020
2020 Michael Hajworonsky blacktailed bucks 2

Michael Hajworonsky | Prince William Sound

Handcrafted Cedar Deer Call

Made in Alaska.

AKTIS Blacktail Deer Calls Alaska 8 Calls

Why AKTIS Blacktail Deer Calls Exist. . .

AKTIS Blacktail Deer Calls began out of necessity to get deer calls to share with family and friends.

Listening to the local South East Alaska “Old Timers” telling stories of calling in blacktails, I decided to give it a try.

Author Dan Pine with a buck in snow

Author Dan Pine with a buck in snow

I bought some of the name brand commercially made deer calls and tried them for a couple years with little to no success.

They may have worked on whitetails, but the blacktails weren’t buying it.

I then went to a local sporting goods store and bought a rather expensive handmade blacktail deer call.

I’m definitely no expert at calling deer, but I had almost immediate results; some within a minute or two of blowing the call.

I wanted to get more calls to share with family and friends and after checking several times throughout the year for a couple of years at several sporting goods stores, the story was either they were sold out or the maker had not made any more yet.

I decided to try and make my own call.

I set out to make the best fawn in distress call possible by hand.

The first calls made were rather crude, but they worked.
early crude fawn bleat calls
I enjoyed making and experimenting with the calls so much I couldn’t seem to stop.

Each one is basically the same, yet unique.

I’ve also enjoyed trying to find uniquely colored and intricately grained cedar to make the deer calls.

I wanted to make deer calls that were fairly durable, had good tone, looked well and were affordable.

I’ve seen blacktail deer calls advertised for over $125.

Some of them looked very beautiful, but a little out of my budget.
fawn in distress call evolution

What To Expect From Your AKTIS Fawn Distress Call

As with all helpful gadgets, you’ll find different results on different occasions depending on the time of the year, the mood of the deer, etc.

Many times the does seem to come running in at the fawn bleat sound, while bucks seem to be a little more cautious.

Sometimes the bucks, if moving away, will stop and check out the call.

During the rut, if the does come in to the distressed fawn call, many times the bucks will be following the does.

At times the bucks will stand up from their beds to look your direction after a call is made and sometimes the bucks will come running to you.

Try your hand at it.

Experiment and see what you can do.

These calls work as a predator call as well.

Some people have bought them specifically for that task.

I’d be delighted to hear from you on your experiences.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not an expert in calling blacktails, but it’s been fun learning how they respond and react to the calls.

I’ve included several YouTube video titles of different people calling blacktails using calls similar to mine.

I hope these help.

Best wishes and good hunting!
final product best fawn in distress call

Selected Videos Showcasing Blacktail Deer Calling

Calling for Rutting Blacktail Deer in Alaska

My Dad With His Nice Buck

Sitka Blacktail Nov 2019 Rut < < This video shows great examples of the sounds you should make with your call and the deer that may come running your way!

November 7, 2012 Blacktail Deer Hunting

Calling In Sitka Blacktail Bucks, November 2013, Southeast Alaska

Playing With A Doe, Waiting For Buck To Come Back That Was With Her When We First Saw Them

Called In This Buck From Clear Cut Part 1

My Good Friend Jimmy And I Had A Successful Hunt

Sitka Blacktail In Rut Southeast Alaska

There is a lifetime warranty on the calls if the reed happens to slip or gets stuck and on the craftsmanship of the call. I will fix or replace the call free of charge. Just return the call to:

AKTIS Blacktail Deer Calls
500 E. Burlwood Dr,
Wasilla, AK 99654

If the call gets stepped on, sat on, run over by a Mac truck etc., . . .sorry, there’s no fixing that.

I also offer some Premium (and now Premier!) cedar calls made from the more unique grained cedar woods for an extra charge.

Thanks, best wishes and good hunting!

Get your very own handcrafted Alaskan cedar blacktail deer call. Contact us today.