Best Predator Game Call for Calling Bears, Wolves, Coyotes, Mountain Lions, Lynx and Bobcats

predator call black bear

…As I got into position [the bear] turned and went down the sloping clearcut and out of sight. I waited for a few minutes and he did not return.

Feeling almost desperate at this point, I went for my Aktis deer call mimicking a young fawn in distress. After a few calls he came running back and was standing perfectly broadside as he looked around investigating for what he thought would be an easy meal…

He taped out at almost 6 feet and is probably about 220-230 pounds if I had to guess. Not only do these calls work for deer but as a predator call for bears as well! Had it not been for the AKTIS call this likely would have been a missed opportunity!

Matt Clabaugh | Olympic Peninsula, Washington State

Best Predator Mouth Call Made From Natural Cedar

Predator Call for Coyote Bear Lynx Wolf Mountain Lion Bobcat
Predators can’t help but run to the sound of an easy meal – which is what makes these deer fawn distress calls the best predator caller on the market. Originally developed as a deer call, our hunters discovered (sometimes quite by accident) they work at least equally as well as a black bear call, wolf call, and the best coyote call for sale.

If deer can’t tell the difference – predators can’t either…

Look, there are a lot of calls on the market, so it can be difficult to know exactly which one might be the best predator call for the money. You may have considered an electronic predator call, or even a well-known name brand…

I know I looked at those options and tried out a bunch when trying to find the perfect deer call.

For whatever reason, deer (especially big bucks like this one) respond AGGRESSIVELY to the natural tone of these hand-crafted cedar deer calls.
Jordan local buck with Aktis call
They come charging in, looking to rescue the baby deer in distress, screaming for its life.

To a hungry predator, these calls sound like a tender little meal just begging to be eaten…and they come running!

So fair warning…

You’ll Have Hungry Predators Barreling Toward You When You Blow This Call!

AKTIS Blacktail Deer Call

best wolf call AKTIS predator call

…I thought maybe I could call in a doe just for fun.

I got into a good calling position and did a couple of loud calls.

…I was about to move to another spot when this wolf came charging around a small rise and from behind some bushes at a full run.

At less than 50 yds he lifted his head still running hard and at 3 power on my scope his head completely filled the scope view and that is when I shot him.

He had no idea I was there but the call brought him in amazingly fast. He was very well fed and in good condition. His stomach was reasonably full so he was not very hungry. His teeth were in good shape and I think he was the alpha male by the way he held his tail.

Not sure if you meant to make a wolf call but it seems to work well.

This coming year we intend to try the call for black bear, wolves and blacktail deer and I will let you know how it goes.


Bill Proteau | Prince Rupert, British Columbia

Best Predator Call for Black Bear Hunting

fawn distress call for bear
As the range and habitat of deer and bears tend to nearly always overlap, there are very few predator calls as effective for getting a hungry bear to come running than that of a deer fawn in distress.

The natural tone of the hand-crafted cedar deer fawn distress call mimics the sound of a young fawn and will attract black bears just as effectively as it will deer. (Only the bear is thinking “lunch”.)

As Matt discovered, it can even bring a bear back in after it wanders out of sight.

Fawn Distress Call for Bear

Black bears will eat just about anything they can get their paws on, and the cries of a baby deer will make them think an easy meal is just around the corner. By using a deer fawn distress call, you can make the black bear come to you, giving you a much better chance of making a successful shot. Whether you’re hunting black bear in the Pacific Northwest or the Appalachian Mountains, using the AKTIS fawn bleat call as a predator call for black bear will give you a distinct advantage.

When using a fawn distress call for bear hunting, it is important to remember that bears have a keen sense of smell, so always keep downwind whenever possible and do your best to minimize your scent. But be warned, if you do remain undetected, you’re going to have a very powerful, hungry predator coming at you very fast – and he thinks you are an easy meal ticket.

How to Call in a Black Bear

Hunting black bears can be an exciting and challenging experience. With their sharp senses and cautious nature, getting close to a black bear often requires a bit of finesse. (Unless you are trying to hunt something else like deer, moose, caribou, or elk. Then they seem to love hanging around to spoil the hunt, whether it is scaring off the game or raiding camp for your stash of Mountain House.)

But during bear season they seem to be much harder to get close to. (And how do they know?) That’s where our hand-crafted cedar fawn distress call comes in. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Find the right location – Look for areas with fresh bear tracks, signs of feeding, and good visibility. Set up near a dense cover where the bear is likely to be feeding or resting. (Or, if you’ve already spotted your bear, you know you’re in the right spot. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
  2. Know the right time – Black bears are most active in the early morning and late evening, but they can be called in at any time of day.
  3. Start with Low Volume and then Get Louder – Start with a few soft, short calls to get the bear’s attention. Then, gradually increase the volume and distress in your call, making it sound like a fawn in distress. Continue calling until the bear comes into view or until it becomes clear that it’s not coming.
  4. Be Persistent in Calling – Beginning with quieter calls at first may help you lure in any bears nearby. But the best way to cover more ground is to blast the sound out as loud as you can. So, if no bears quickly come from nearby, ramp up the volume to reach the ears of those a little further away. Keep calling and calling. Black bears tend to have a short attention span, so if you stop calling, there’s a decent chance a bear heading in your direction will lose interest and wander off somewhere else before you ever see them. Don’t stop calling.
  5. Stay alert – Once you start calling, be prepared for the bear to come charging in at any moment. Keep your weapon ready and be aware of your surroundings. If you are bow hunting, a backup handgun for safety is a great idea, as you are essentially making yourself the bait by blowing a fawn distress call. If you are alone, be sure to position yourself so a bear can’t come in behind you undetected.

Keep in mind that sound won’t travel as far in densely forested areas (not to mention it’s harder to see and hear the bear coming) so you may want to set up in a more open area, both for visibility and for the call to reach farther.

With a little luck, the AKTIS call will bring a big, hungry bruin running straight in your direction.

Best Coyote Mouth Call for Hunting

best mouth calls for coyotes
The coyote is a highly intelligent predator and can be challenging to call in. He also has one of the most tenacious self-preservation instincts of any animal. I’ve heard hunters say this is the most important thing to keep in mind when hunting coyotes. However, the right predator call can make all the difference in attracting them to your location. Out of all the coyote callers for sale, I think the best coyote mouth call may be one that mimics the sound of a fawn in distress. This is because coyotes have a strong instinct to investigate potential prey, and the high-pitched sound of a fawn in trouble can be irresistible to them – especially because it represents a rare chance at a larger-than-usual meal opportunity.

When shopping for the best coyote call for the money, it’s important to consider the quality and volume of the call, as well as its ability to mimic the sound of a distressed fawn. A good coyote hunting call will have a clear, realistic sound that can be easily heard from a distance. And an electronic call coming out of a speaker just can’t match the natural tone of these cedar mouth calls. I’m not saying electronic calls don’t work – they can and they do. But there’s something about the quality of the sound produced by real, warm air coming out of a living body that an electronic gadget can’t duplicate.

Best Coyote Call Sound – Fawn in Distress Call for Coyotes

When using a fawn in distress call for coyotes, it’s important to remember that coyotes are wary animals and may take a while to approach the sound. Patience is key, as well as careful movements (no movement would be better) to avoid spooking them. With the right predator call and a bit of luck, you’ll have coyotes coming in fast and furious, ready to take down a baby deer.

A fawn represents the chance at a large meal for a coyote – much bigger than a rabbit, hare, or mouse. This gives you something of an advantage as the cautious coyote may be willing to take a bigger risk – and stick around longer than he normally would if he senses something isn’t quite right. He doesn’t want to give up the chance of scoring a huge meal. And hanging around a couple of extra seconds may be just enough time for you to get off your shot.

Best Bobcat Calls for Sale

best bobcat call
When shopping for bobcat calls, it is important to choose the best option for your needs and budget. Some of the best bobcat calls for sale on the market today include custom-tuned diaphragm calls, electronic caller systems, and hand-held predator calls. When making your choice, consider the type of hunting you plan to do, the environment you will be hunting in, and the level of experience you have with calling predators.

The best way to call in a bobcat may be with an AKTIS fawn distress call. If bucks and does think it sounds like a real baby deer, when you give a bleat on your AKTIS call, that bobcat is going to hear the most tender piece of deer veal just begging to be eaten!

How to Call in a Bobcat with a Fawn Distress Call

Bobcats are elusive and cunning predators, known for their stealthy hunting techniques and quick reflexes. To successfully call in a bobcat, you’re gonna need the right equipment and techniques to mimic the sounds of their preferred prey.

Experienced hunters nearly all agree that the #1 factor in successfully calling a bobcat is to set up close to them. They are naturally curious felines and always on the lookout for a good meal close at hand. But they aren’t going to travel long distances to your location like a coyote will.

If you are close, nearly any good sound will work – they are easy to call in. But locating them and making sure you are nearby is the hard part. Set up somewhat close to a water source, in an open area with good visibility – but very close to really thick cover like nasty brush or a replanted cutover, where you have found plenty of fresh scat and trails.

Although many new hunters think bird sounds or bunny sounds are needed, one of the most effective calls for bobcats is the fawn distress call – and we’ve got one of the best around. Set up close to one of these cats and watch them run toward you full-tilt when you give a convincing cry on your AKTIS call.

Best Wolf Call for Hunting

best wolf call fawn in distress
Wolves can’t seem to resist the sound of the AKTIS deer call!

The most effective wolf predator call is one that mimics the distress call of prey, such as a fawn, rabbit or other small animal. The sounds of a wounded or struggling animal triggers their predatory instincts, bringing them in at a lope.

The Most Effective Wolf Predator Call

The best wolf call for hunting should have a high-pitched, loud and distressful sound that can be heard over long distances, even in windy conditions.

Try out an AKTIS call for your next wolf hunt. You could end up like Bill, above, with an alpha male still running hard in your direction at less than 50 yards out. At that point, you may wish you had an over-under setup on your scope so you can take your shot on open sites – instead of shooting at a mass of snarling fur and teeth filling your scope!

Best Call for Mountain Lion

best call for mountain lion
Mountain lions, or cougars, are elusive and solitary creatures that are highly sought after by hunters. A well-placed predator call can be a valuable tool for calling in these big cats. The best call for mountain lions is one that mimics the distress call of a fawn, as this is a sound that is highly attractive to hungry cougars.

Time on stand is probably the most important part of successfully calling a lion – if you are in the right spot, that is. Those reporting the most success tend to stay on the stand at least 3 hours. Sometimes these cats will rush right in on you, and some hunters report watching them take an hour to cautiously close the last half mile.

Make sure you are in good lion country, and being right up on one in its own territory is best.

Best Predator Call for a Cougar

A high-quality fawn bleat call will draw a cougar right to your position. A quick scan through predator hunting forums reveals a fawn distress call has a high rate of success – especially among hunters looking to take their first mountain lion.

Make sure you get a high-quality call that produces a clear, realistic fawn distress sound. When choosing a call, it’s important to consider the level of detail and realism that the call produces, as well as the ease of use and durability of the call. I might be a little biased, but I think the results of our hunters clearly show the AKTIS call to be one of the best for accurately creating an authentic cry mimicking a baby deer screaming for its life.

Always sit back-to-back with a buddy, or make sure your back is against a cliff wall so the cougar can’t sneak up and ambush you from behind! There’s nothing worse than the hunter becoming the hunted when you are after a lion.

Be prepared – there’s an excellent chance a lion might charge right in on you when you give your AKTIS call a blow.

Best Predator Calls for Sale – Predator Game Calls

Best Predator Mouth Call For Sale

Predator Hunting Calls

In the world of hunting, having the right tools can make all the difference. Predator calls are an essential tool for hunting a variety of animals, including coyotes, bears, wolves, and cougars. The distress call of a fawn is one of the most effective sounds in attracting predators to your location. It mimics the sound of a young and vulnerable prey, making it irresistible to hungry predators.

The AKTIS deer call is a top-performing predator call, designed to mimic the distressed fawn bleat that is irresistible to predators such as coyotes, wolves, bear, and bobcats.

Predator Mouth Call

Hand-crafted cedar fawn distress calls like the AKTIS deer call are some of the most effective predator mouth calls on the market.

Its unique design is easy to use and produces a clear, high-pitched distressed fawn sound that is sure to attract predators from a distance.

Predator Distress Calls

This hand-crafted cedar fawn distress call is a must-have tool for hunters who are serious about predator hunting. The fawn bleat predator call is designed to effectively mimic the distress call of a fawn, making it a go-to choice for many hunters. The distress call will bring predators in fast, giving you the opportunity to take your shot.

Whether you’re a seasoned predator hunter or a beginner, this predator call is the ideal next piece to add to your arsenal.

Varmint Calls for Large Varmints

Varmint calls are a great tool for hunting small game, such as foxes, coyotes, and bobcats, but something as large as a deer fawn might be a bit too big for a fox to handle. So a fawn in distress call tends to work better for slightly larger predators like coyotes, lynx and bobcats – and of course, it works for the deer’s natural predators such as wolves, bear, or mountain lions who won’t hesitate to take down a fully grown deer.

So, if you’re looking for the best predator calls for sale, look no further than the AKTIS deer call. Whether you’re a fan of predator hunting or varmint control, this top-performing predator call will not disappoint.

Predator hunting calls, sometimes mistakenly spelled as “preditor game calls” (believe it or not), come in all different types, from electronic to hand calls or mouth calls.

Get your custom predator call from AKTIS today with your name on it. This is hands-down the best predator call for the money.

Remember, the AKTIS deer fawn distress call is not just a deer call. It has been tested and proven to work for bears, wolves, coyotes, mountain lions, lynx, and bobcats, making it the perfect all-in-one predator call for your hunting needs. Your predator hunting supplies list just isn’t complete without one of these.

If Deer Can’t Tell the Difference, Predators Can’t Either!