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*GONE HUNTING! See below for details*

AKTIS Blacktail Deer Call Sample2

(Lanyard Color May Vary)

Dan of AKTIS Blacktail Deer Calls sold me a cedar made fawn distress call last fall just prior to heading out and hunting Prince William Sound. We spent a few days hunting and had great success bringing deer right in to us. His calls are very well made and survived thrashing thru heavy brush around my neck. Very easy to use and very effective! There are a few great YouTube videos of guys using them in Southeast Alaska, check them out! Very happy with my call and plan to keep using it for many more years to come!”

– Jarred Stone

**Thank you to all who ordered this hunting season, and for those who have sent in stories and pictures, as well. If you haven’t yet shared your story, please drop me a note dan@aktisblacktaildeercalls.com **

GONE HUNTING: November 1st – 22nd (doing field research!)

All orders placed during that time will be shipped out the week after my return. Thanks for your understanding as I continually work to refine the calls to make them the best they can be. Remember, I made these calls first for my own hunting use, and you reap the benefits of my research and experimentation!

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Prelude Cedar Deer Call Sample $30

Prelude $30

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Premium $35

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Premier TN Red Cedar $45

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