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israel warren european mount boone and crocket israel warren six by six record buck

The deer came right in, following a doe to the call, shot at 10 yards.Thanks Dan!

Israel Warren | Boone and Crocket Buck | Nov 2023

brian with buck in vest brian buck antlers big buck brian

Hello Mr. Pine! I have a picture of a belated Blacktail Venture using one of your Premier Aktis Deer Calls, back on October 26 2021! It was a typical rain storm morning in the Puget Sound area. Had a buck spooked by another hunter about 700 yards away. It was just past 7:45 a.m. . Him and his, Uhemm, for a better word, his Herem of does came running into me. Well this buck Would Not Stop for the 75 yards I saw him running at Me. I blasted a couple Short chirp’s of the Trusty Aktis call!! And got him to stop mid stride, 40 yards away!! That was an Awesome day of Blackie Hunting!! I have had real success using your calls…

Brian | Puget Sound | Oct 2021

2 point buck barry and shelly vancouver island

Just a quick note and a pic of the nice little 2 point that my wife and I got on Vancouver Island. Spotted him on a hill with two does. The does were antsy and were going to go and the him with them, my wife gave the call a few quick blows and stopped him for the shot. Over the last couple of year of using your call, it’s either brought them back or stopped them. Thanks Dan.

Barry and Shelly | Vancouver Island | Oct 2022

buck with aktis call on antlers - donald

Donald Alsup | Prince of Wales Island, AK | Nov 2022

August alpine hunt on POW. Black bears were all over the place, but managed to get this little buck. Darell Pine alpine buck POW

Darell Pine | Prince of Wales Island, AK | Aug 2022

Hi Dan,

aaron dupuis with blacktail buck in snow black tailed buck on grass - aaron dupuis aktis blacktail deer calls in boat

I attached a few more pics from the past two seasons using your call down here in Sitka. Still love it and still haven’t managed to break the first one I bought from you a few years ago.

I have even purchased a few extras to stash around the boat to loan out to friends when they come down.

It’s nice to have confidence that when I pull out your call it’s going to work without any fuss.

Happy Hunting,

Aaron Dupuis | Sitka, AK | 2020 and 2021 Hunting Seasons

craig holmes hillside buck Montague Island

About 1400’ above MSL on Montague a few days ago. Blew the call and stopped him from walking into the trees. Five mile hike back to the boat and would do it again tomorrow! Thanks Dan

Craig Holmes | Montague Island | September 2022


Had a great year with your calls, I’m waiting for official score but I believe I got my first Pope and Young black tail.

Jon waiting on Pope and Young Score buck

Jon | Pope and Young Hopeful | Fall 2021

black bear matt clabaugh AKTIS

I started the day hiking into my favorite clearcut on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. Over the years I have seen lots of sign in that spot but yet to see a bear. Today would be the first. After glassing the west side of the clearcut I noticed a black blob on the far side of the clearcut. I put my binoculars up and confirmed it was a black bear. I ranged him at 164 yards. With the wind in my favor blowing to the side, I stood a chance.

The bear was in and out of various shrubs and trees unaware of my presence. I settled into a resting shot position but didn’t quite feel comfortable. I got eager and wanted to close some distance. I’m glad I did. I quietly tip toed down the old logging road and I snuck up onto a logjam and spotted him again. This time at 90 yards. I watched him for a minute to confirm it wasn’t a sow with cubs. This bear was by himself.

As I got into position he turned and went down the sloping clearcut and out of sight. I waited for a few minutes and he did not return. Feeling almost desperate at this point, I went for my Aktis deer call mimicking a young fawn in distress. After a few calls he came running back and was standing perfectly broadside as he looked around investigating for what he thought would be an easy meal.

Not wanting to miss the opportunity, I quickly fired off a shot hitting it on the high shoulder and below the spine. The bear dropped immediately. He taped out at almost 6 feet and is probably about 220-230 pounds if I had to guess. Not only do these calls work for deer but as a predator call for bears as well! Had it not been for the AKTIS call this likely would have been a missed opportunity!

Matt Clabaugh | Olympic Peninsula, Washington State | October 2022

blacktail buck in grass young blacktail view of hills blacktail deer country

Had a close call with a bear. He got to about 60 yards. Had to shoot at ground in front of him. He still didn’t care. Very crazy. Calls work.

Eric D. | Fall 2021

Hello Dan! Thanks for checking in, that’s a one of a kind experience with any other game call I’ve purchased! You might not see it but the call is around my neck for this local big guy. I spent the morning wondering around practicing with the call and on my walk out I had a doe standing close to where I came in, upon further investigation I had this guy pop over the hill in front of me at 27 yards turn broad side. He gave me enough time to nock an arrow and let him have it so I figure something had them looking around for someone else, so I’m confident the call helped make it happen.

Jordan local buck with Aktis call

All the best up there in that wonderful place you call home, haven’t been to Alaska but spent some time in the Yukon, definitely hope to make it up there one day.

Jordan | Fall 2021

Not much of a story but called in a blackbear last Sept to 18 yards. Head on and didn’t have a good shot before he silouetted me and dove off into blackberries. Lost my call during deer season so the one you sent me is #2. Its easier to get a lower volume sound out of than the first one which is nice and I imagine the finish on it will help when its wet.

Shaughn | Fall 2021

buck fell victim to Aktis call

My stepson and his first Alaska deer hunting trip. This buck fell victim to your call😁

Ray Allard | Fall 2021

Dan – Yes, we did use the call. Unfortunately, before we set out, my daughter’s dog crunched the call a bit – I’ll be sending it back to you for a repair.

My son, my other daughter, and I, went out by floatplane in late December to a remote cabin in the western part of Kodiak. The deer were plentiful, and we did use the call, although it sounded a bit different having been, as I say, crunched a bit. Many blacktails came down along, or not far from, the shore, and we took five, which was as much as we were interested in butchering. A great trip, and a great memory to share.

Mike Jungreis | Kodiak Island | Fall 2021

prince william sound buck adam bowmanadam blacktail buck in prince william sound

Adam Bowman | Prince William Sound |Fall 2021


As a matter of fact I do have a good hunting success story with your calls.

I recently went to Montague Island with my boss, CSM Ben Loggins. We were dropped off and set up camp, then immediately went up the hills.

Saw blacktail sign but nothing notable. We decided to sit and call with your AKTIS call. Somehow, the second Ben blew a call, a doe jumped up from the bush right beside us. She stood 2 yards behind Ben and froze. He turned his head to let me know she was behind him, to where all I could see is his face and her ears coming out both sides of his head. Which made it one of the funniest moments I’ve had hunting. It was our first encounter so we decided to just watch her at a few yards trying to figure out what we were.

After that, we walked a few hundred yards and ran into another doe. Ben again called and she crashed down the thick brushy hill to us. I decided to take the shot and got my fist successful blacktail ever.

With me quartering and Ben on bear guard, he decided to send out some calls after about 30 minutes. Another doe came down the hill and got within 25 yards from me quartering away. I wasn’t paying attention and Ben could only watch this doe walk straight to me while I was on a knee distracted.

He finally got my attention and pointed up the hill, I locked eyes with her and told Ben to take the shot. When he shot, the doe ran straight down, between us and luckily we were both experienced enough to not point a gun at her until she was well past us. He shot again and ended up with his first ever successful blacktail.

The rest of the hunt was relatively by the book, but that first day was just a perfect initiation to blacktail hunting.

My brother drew the Afognak Brown Bear tag (nonresident) and wants to bring a few friends. So I plan on placing another order of calls to have an Alaskan gift waiting for their arrival in October.

Thanks for the great product and great experiences.

Kyle Tripp | Montague Island | Fall 2021

Luke with forked horn buck forked horn blacktail buck Luke O

Hey Dan,

Well I did get a forked horn, but I didn’t get to use the call I ordered, lol. I had just gave a couple grunts and he came walking down the trail I was on. He stopped at 7 yards. He was down shortly there after. Shot him with my bow.

Luke O’Halloran | Fall 2021

I bought after the season but Columbia black tail responded to it quickly in the yard.

Mark K. | Fall 2021

Kitimat BC blacktailed buck Brian Boudreau Oct 2021 blacktail buck antlers Brian Boudreau Oct 2021 Kitimat blacktail buck on gravel Brian Boudreau Oct 2021

Call worked good today, bud. First time using it here in Kitimat BC. Doe came in and this buck made a appearance not much after. Thanks buddy, I will be recommending it to all my buddies!!

Brian Boudreau | Kitimat, BC | October 2021

Beau Bradley blacktail buck 2 2020 Beau Bradley blacktail buck 2020


This was my first trip up there and the calls worked great.

My brother and I each killed a buck and called in several other bucks and does.

We had 2 sets that produced multiple bucks and does at the same time.

Pictures attached of the 2 we got.

Overall we were pretty happy for a couple rookies to the island and have zero complaints about the calls.

I have a friend and his hunting partners planning a trip up there for 2022 and I already told him about your calls. He plans to get a few as soon as they pull the plans together.

Thank you

Beau Bradley

Daniel blacktailed buck 1 2020 Daniel blacktailed buck 2 2020 Daniel blacktailed buck 3 2020

Thanks for the reach out great luck with your call. It’s loud, nice and light.

I hunt mostly Baranof island. Last season was an odd rut but still called in a few bucks. I like the higher pitch. I’m a guide and mostly do deer as an add on to goat.

Daniel mule deer 2020

I also used it with luck mule deer hunting in South Dakota. Works well in the rut on Muleys, Gets them to stop for a shot.

Daniel Ondersma

brian buck pics 2021 2 brian buck pic 2021

had some luck this past season but not with your call as I got after the season but I am excited to get out and try it as soon as I can and I most definitely will fill you in hopefully with some pics

Brian Boudreau

2020 Don Volk blacktail doe

Only got the one doe on Knight Island out in Prince William Sound.

She came flying in after only a couple calls, blowing. Hung up at about 100 yards craning to see where the call was coming from. Shot her through the neck…done.

Called a bunch more, but this was the only deer I saw.

I went the end of October, beginning of November. Either the deer weren’t moving much, or there was a die off like some people said.

Felt bad about only getting the one doe, until I found out nonbue if the other hunters I talked to got any deer.

It was bitter cold. High teens/low 20’s with 25 knot winds out of the North.

Side note;

Lost all power to cabin on the way back, including all electronics, cabin heat, and defroster…under the above conditions during freezing spray. Fun times!!

Don Volk | Homer, AK

Hey Dan,

Yeah it was a good season overall. Got a whitetail in the kootenays and 2 black tail on the coast here in BC and too many grouse to count.

Here’s the Columbia Blacktail story where it worked:

The first day out in the PNW I had a late start and then made my way into the woods moving slowly and keeping an eye out for any movement.

Right away I was in a steep drainage and saw some deer moving about 100 yards through some thick brush above me.

The wind was good and it felt right so I figured to give the call a try. A couple of calls proved effective and lots of commotion took place followed by a doe, clearly not happy, blowing loudly.

I saw some deer leave the area but a doe came in and stopped, looking right in my direction, a buck was right on her tail.

She then became uninterested and began to leave with the buck, so I let out another call when they weren’t looking towards me. They both stopped looked again but then the buck decided to leave the doe and started coming in at slow pace towards my direction.

He continued to come in, steadily, till about 30 yards when I had a clear shot and pulled the trigger. That was the end of the shortest hunt I have ever had and I was about 15 minutes from the truck.

Jake Quigley 2020 blacktail buck

Other times using the call I had some does respond but with the brush being thick I often did not get a good look to see if any bucks were close by. I have also scared some deer away that seem to have mixed feelings about the call. I can’t seem to make a connection between when the deer respond to it and when they don’t. The main thing I noticed is it works really well the first time in an area but then not so much. Maybe they catch on that it is not a fawn in distress and just an idiot with a deer call haha. Regardless it does seem to stop deer almost every time to extend the time window I have to take a shot.

I think the product is great, it sounds really good and is durable. The only thing that would be great is to have the formula down to dial in the situations/how to use it effectively. But yet again that is apart of the fun to figure those things out.

I hope you had a good season as well, did you get any nice deer this year up in Alaska?


-Jake Quigley

Michael Hajworonsky blacktailed bucks 2020 2020 Michael Hajworonsky blacktailed bucks 2

Handful of us hunted PWS 2 years ago, and after 3 days of putting in the miles looking for big mature bucks we connected. Thanks to the Dan’s call these beautiful bucks came walking in, just minutes after blowing the call. Amazing hunt thanks to AKTIS

Michael Hajworonsky

Rusto blacktail buck 2020

Hi Dan,

Your call has as allowed me stop a buck in the attached photo long enough to put him down. In the middle of November on Vancouver Island, he was on a fast move with his nose down trailing or searching for a hot doe. Far from the biggest buck, but we have been eating well.

Thanks a lot.

Rusto | November 2020

Washington blacktail country Andrew Rathvon Washington blacktail timber Andrew Rathvon Washington blacktail scrape Andrew Rathvon

I wasn’t able to fill my tag last year unfortunately. The call is nice, it sounds good and is light weight. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to use it again this fall.

Last season was tough. I went out several times. Does were few and far between, and I never even saw a buck.

I did get onto a buck’s trail one morning in fresh snow from the previous night. Followed him for several miles but never caught up.

Fairly certain he was cruising for a doe.

Never found a bed, only one rub and clear tracks. Eventually had to bag it as I wasn’t equipped to stay the night in the woods.

I’ll attach a couple pictures I took that morning, wish I could show you a nice Washington blacktail instead.

Not related to your call, but I did manage to fill my bear tag, so I at least had something to put in the freezer!


Hi Dan,

I bought one of these and had a friend buy one as well. I use it periodically, but haven’t had any luck with it yet unfortunately.

I thought the reed had gotten loose, but think it’s probably ok. I tried imitating the sound of the Native man in one of the youtube videos. I can get close I think, but have only had a couple of coyotes come in.

My friend was using his and called in a coyote as well. I plan to continue to use it, but maybe it’s just user error on my part. It’s beautifully made.


Ian Funk

Bill P wolf Oct 20

Hi Dan

Not sure this can help you but here is the story.

I had a disappointing deer season as our area where we hunt here on the coast near Prince Rupert BC was overrun by wolfs and because of a very busy summer I never got there to do a recce and did not realize this. I had hunted this area for the past 5 years with good success however not with your call.

Once there we found that the deer population had been decimated. This was end Sept, early Oct and was the only time available for me last year to hunt this area. I had planned on going back in late Oct early Nov but the weather last year at that time turned terrible and we need boats to get there and no weather windows ever came up. So really that Sept trip was not a good time to try your call but I thought maybe I could call in a doe just for fun. On the first day of hunting and the first time with your call this is what happened.

I got into a good calling position which a 150 yd field of view up wind which is quite good for this area and did a couple of loud calls.

After about 3 min two ravens flew very fast directly towards me from over the hill in front of me and landed above me on a tree. They never made a sound and I thought that to be strange. After another 10 min as I was about to move to another spot when this wolf came charging around a small rise and from behind some bushes at a full run. He was around 100 yds away and it took me completely by surprise. As my mind was processing this he never hesitated and kept at a full fast lope straight at me. I was well hidden but had a good firing line and was downwind of him. At less than 50 yds he lifted his head still running hard and at 3 power on my scope his head completely filled the scope view and that is when I shot him.

He had no idea I was there but the call brought him in amazingly fast. He was very well fed and in good condition. His stomach was reasonably full so he was not very hungry. His teeth were in good shape and I think he was the alpha male by the way he held his tail. Not sure if you meant to make a wolf call but it seems to work well.

This coming year we intend to try the call for black bear, wolves and blacktail deer and I will let you know how it goes.


Bill Proteau | October 2020

Dan Bunker with blacktail buck taken with AKTIS deer call

Dan Bunker and blacktail buck taken crossing a logging road on Prince of Wales Island, AK.

Sitka Blacktail Buck taken by Dan Bunker with AKTIS deer call Buck and AKTIS Call it was taken with lying on grass.

I just returned from Prince of Wales Island where I spent some time hunting Sitka blacktail deer.

As my buddy and I were heading up a logging road one morning, this nice 8 pt. jumped out of the brush and headed for the timber on the opposite side.

I quickly grabbed my AKTIS deer call and let out with a quick call.

The buck stopped and looked at me, then BOOM, deer burger.

So, while I didn’t call this deer in, the AKTIS call definitely stopped him and gave me the opportunity to get my shot.

Thank you AKTIS!

Dan Bunker | Palmer, Alaska | November 2020

John Parker blacktail deer with AKTIS call

John Parker and blacktail buck taken with AKTIS call in western Washington.

John Parker blacktail deer with AKTIS call
Washington black-tailed buck John Parker


I have been successfully calling blacktails for many years in western Washington.

This year I ordered one of your calls.

It is hands down the best call I have used for deer.

This buck came in quick, with no hesitation.

I really like the higher pitch of this fawn call.

John Parker, Western Washington, November 2020

Aaron with buck called in on AKTIS Blacktail Deer Call.
Aaron with his second buck on AKTIS call in Sitka, AK.

Hi Dan,

I’m pretty new to blacktail deer hunting in SE Alaska.

I purchased one of your calls prior to the start of the 2019 season.

During the rut I called in several bucks to within shooting range with your call. Two of them came within 10 yards, which was pretty exciting.

It doesn’t really matter what I thought the call sounded like, but the bucks sure seemed to like it.

Your call also didn’t swell shut in the rainy weather we have in Sitka, which is a nice feature. I had purchased a very expensive hand made call prior to yours that sounded great but swelled up to the point of rendering it useless if it got a tiny bit wet. I swore I’d never have that happen to me again.

Anyway, you make a great call to carry around in the field, I’ll definitely buy another one if any unfortunate event should befall the one currently in my possession.

Here’s some pictures of two of the bucks your call brought in for me this season.

Aaron Dupuis, Sitka, AK December 2019

Want your own call?

Westley Oliviia, Jr., Nov 2019

Here’s a quick story you can put on your site –

I had purchased a call in 2018 but wasn’t able to use it until 2019.  

I practiced prior to the hunt and my calling was average, but I could relatively consistently make the sounds I was after.  

There was a muskeg we had seen on the maps that we wanted to check out, but we needed to get there by skiff and needed a weather window.  

On day three conditions were perfect and we were able to make the skiff run.  

From the beach we slowly worked our way up to the muskeg and set up on the fringe.  

I made two short consecutive calls and the biggest blacktail I’ve seen started coming towards me from the far side of the muskeg.  

At about 60 yards he stopped with his head up sniffing the air, giving me a perfect shot opportunity and now we have a freezer full of the best venison out there.

Thanks for making such a fine product,

Mark, POW area hunt, Nov 2019

Hunted all last year with three other deer calls and could not get even a doe to come into my calls.

Got a AKTIS call about a month ago and so far I have called in numerous deer and this really dandy buck.

After about four calling sequences and 10 minutes this really nice buck came right up to me. These calls WORK! 

Joe Henry, Oct 2019

My hunting partner and I have been hunting in western Washington from a very young age.

Blacktails are notoriously elusive and we’ve been searching for effective ways to get them to show themselves.

This year we got your deer call.

It was the last few hours of daylight, on the last day of late buck.

I called in this nice Columbian Blacktail.

We felt like we were on a hunting show!

It walked up on a ridge and looked right at us.


Thank you!

Bobby, Washington StateSent from my iPhone

Dans calls work! First time using this call, called in this buck out in Prince William Sound – shot at 30 yards. Ended up with 4 deer all called in at close range.

Aaron EnnisSent from my iPhone

Want your own call?

Maybe defected, but your call still played a big role in getting a mature buck a few days back. Thanks!

The buck was trailing a doe that had two fawns with her. Your call made the buck come out of the thickets to inquire. Standing on the edge of a cut, broad side, squinting into the sunrise, I put a bullet through his lungs from 70 yards. The way things worked out that morning was damn near perfect, with your call being instrumental to it. It has been good eating at our house ever since. 

On a related story, I took the call down to our neighborhood park during a dark evening family walk last month and I managed to call in a doe within 20 feet of us. She strutted over sexy like, which I have never seen before. It is not clear to me what your call imitates; a distressed fawn or a strange buck squall? Your thoughts on this are appreciated. 

I have had some unssucssesful experience with box store calls. I think those call poorly imitate larger deer, which black tails are simply not. Plus I think there are much harder to trick.

All the best and thanks a lot.

Rusto, Vancouver Island

Ron Spliethof Blacktail Deer Call Story
Jordan Spliethof with Buck and Aktis Blacktail Deer Call (Photo Credit: Ron Spliethof)

Thanks so much for the great call, I bought 3 calls a few weeks back for my 2 sons and myself to try in our home state of Washington modern rifle season.

In the past I always used the old [competitor name removed] call but a pain to use with your teeth.

After my son watched the videos he was able to quickly practice and gain confidence with it.

Well as you can see by the photo below it appears to have worked on this nice hometown Blacktail on Oct 28th.

I just placed a order for another call for my good friend since he also showed interest.

I figured this would be a great photo for you to see your call hanging from my son Jordan’s neck to assure you it works and he is a very happy hunter.
Ron Spliethof, Washington State

Want your own call?

Greg Cook with Buck - Aktis Blacktail Deer Call
Gregg Cook with Buck

A combination of living remote, being a self professed gadget addict, and never being satisfied with “good enough,” the accumulation of redundant equipment is inevitable.

I personally use and recommend Aktis Blacktail Deer Calls.

Calling Prince of Wales home and being an avid Blacktail hunter there’s one of these calls hanging around my neck all fall.

Between the feedback from clients I’ve given these little calls and my own time in the field, I have not used a better call.

The sound is consistent and ease of use builds confidence.

Gregg Cook, Alaskas Fish Tales Lodge, Whale Pass, AK

Dan of AKTIS Blacktail Deer Calls sold me a cedar made fawn distress call last fall just prior to heading out and hunting Prince William Sound.

We spent a few days hunting and had great success bringing deer right in to us.

His calls are very well made and survived thrashing thru heavy brush around my neck.

Very easy to use and very effective!

There are a few great YouTube videos of guys using them in Southeast Alaska, check them out!

Very happy with my call and plan to keep using it for many more years to come!”

Jarred Stone

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