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Dan Bunker with blacktail buck taken with AKTIS deer call

Dan Bunker and blacktail buck taken crossing a logging road on Prince of Wales Island, AK.

Sitka Blacktail Buck taken by Dan Bunker with AKTIS deer call Buck and AKTIS Call it was taken with lying on grass.

I just returned from Prince of Wales Island where I spent some time hunting Sitka blacktail deer.

As my buddy and I were heading up a logging road one morning, this nice 8 pt. jumped out of the brush and headed for the timber on the opposite side.

I quickly grabbed my AKTIS deer call and let out with a quick call.

The buck stopped and looked at me, then BOOM, deer burger.

So, while I didn’t call this deer in, the AKTIS call definitely stopped him and gave me the opportunity to get my shot.

Thank you AKTIS!

Dan Bunker | Palmer, Alaska | November 2020

John Parker blacktail deer with AKTIS call

John Parker and blacktail buck taken with AKTIS call in western Washington.

John Parker blacktail deer with AKTIS call
Washington black-tailed buck John Parker


I have been successfully calling blacktails for many years in western Washington.

This year I ordered one of your calls.

It is hands down the best call I have used for deer.

This buck came in quick, with no hesitation.

I really like the higher pitch of this fawn call.

John Parker, Western Washington, November 2020

Aaron with buck called in on AKTIS Blacktail Deer Call.
Aaron with his second buck on AKTIS call in Sitka, AK.

Hi Dan,

I’m pretty new to blacktail deer hunting in SE Alaska.

I purchased one of your calls prior to the start of the 2019 season.

During the rut I called in several bucks to within shooting range with your call. Two of them came within 10 yards, which was pretty exciting.

It doesn’t really matter what I thought the call sounded like, but the bucks sure seemed to like it.

Your call also didn’t swell shut in the rainy weather we have in Sitka, which is a nice feature. I had purchased a very expensive hand made call prior to yours that sounded great but swelled up to the point of rendering it useless if it got a tiny bit wet. I swore I’d never have that happen to me again.

Anyway, you make a great call to carry around in the field, I’ll definitely buy another one if any unfortunate event should befall the one currently in my possession.

Here’s some pictures of two of the bucks your call brought in for me this season.

Aaron Dupuis, Sitka, AK December 2019

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Westley Oliviia, Jr., Nov 2019

Here’s a quick story you can put on your site –

I had purchased a call in 2018 but wasn’t able to use it until 2019.  

I practiced prior to the hunt and my calling was average, but I could relatively consistently make the sounds I was after.  

There was a muskeg we had seen on the maps that we wanted to check out, but we needed to get there by skiff and needed a weather window.  

On day three conditions were perfect and we were able to make the skiff run.  

From the beach we slowly worked our way up to the muskeg and set up on the fringe.  

I made two short consecutive calls and the biggest blacktail I’ve seen started coming towards me from the far side of the muskeg.  

At about 60 yards he stopped with his head up sniffing the air, giving me a perfect shot opportunity and now we have a freezer full of the best venison out there.

Thanks for making such a fine product,

Mark, POW area hunt, Nov 2019

Hunted all last year with three other deer calls and could not get even a doe to come into my calls.

Got a AKTIS call about a month ago and so far I have called in numerous deer and this really dandy buck.

After about four calling sequences and 10 minutes this really nice buck came right up to me. These calls WORK! 

Joe Henry, Oct 2019

My hunting partner and I have been hunting in western Washington from a very young age.

Blacktails are notoriously elusive and we’ve been searching for effective ways to get them to show themselves.

This year we got your deer call.

It was the last few hours of daylight, on the last day of late buck.

I called in this nice Columbian Blacktail.

We felt like we were on a hunting show!

It walked up on a ridge and looked right at us.


Thank you!

Bobby, Washington StateSent from my iPhone

Dans calls work! First time using this call, called in this buck out in Prince William Sound – shot at 30 yards. Ended up with 4 deer all called in at close range.

Aaron EnnisSent from my iPhone

Want your own call?

Maybe defected, but your call still played a big role in getting a mature buck a few days back. Thanks!

The buck was trailing a doe that had two fawns with her. Your call made the buck come out of the thickets to inquire. Standing on the edge of a cut, broad side, squinting into the sunrise, I put a bullet through his lungs from 70 yards. The way things worked out that morning was damn near perfect, with your call being instrumental to it. It has been good eating at our house ever since. 

On a related story, I took the call down to our neighborhood park during a dark evening family walk last month and I managed to call in a doe within 20 feet of us. She strutted over sexy like, which I have never seen before. It is not clear to me what your call imitates; a distressed fawn or a strange buck squall? Your thoughts on this are appreciated. 

I have had some unssucssesful experience with box store calls. I think those call poorly imitate larger deer, which black tails are simply not. Plus I think there are much harder to trick.

All the best and thanks a lot.

Rusto, Vancouver Island

Ron Spliethof Blacktail Deer Call Story
Jordan Spliethof with Buck and Aktis Blacktail Deer Call (Photo Credit: Ron Spliethof)

Thanks so much for the great call, I bought 3 calls a few weeks back for my 2 sons and myself to try in our home state of Washington modern rifle season.

In the past I always used the old [competitor name removed] call but a pain to use with your teeth.

After my son watched the videos he was able to quickly practice and gain confidence with it.

Well as you can see by the photo below it appears to have worked on this nice hometown Blacktail on Oct 28th.

I just placed a order for another call for my good friend since he also showed interest.

I figured this would be a great photo for you to see your call hanging from my son Jordan’s neck to assure you it works and he is a very happy hunter.
Ron Spliethof, Washington State

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Greg Cook with Buck - Aktis Blacktail Deer Call
Gregg Cook with Buck

A combination of living remote, being a self professed gadget addict, and never being satisfied with “good enough,” the accumulation of redundant equipment is inevitable.

I personally use and recommend Aktis Blacktail Deer Calls.

Calling Prince of Wales home and being an avid Blacktail hunter there’s one of these calls hanging around my neck all fall.

Between the feedback from clients I’ve given these little calls and my own time in the field, I have not used a better call.

The sound is consistent and ease of use builds confidence.

Gregg Cook, Alaskas Fish Tales Lodge, Whale Pass, AK

Dan of AKTIS Blacktail Deer Calls sold me a cedar made fawn distress call last fall just prior to heading out and hunting Prince William Sound.

We spent a few days hunting and had great success bringing deer right in to us.

His calls are very well made and survived thrashing thru heavy brush around my neck.

Very easy to use and very effective!

There are a few great YouTube videos of guys using them in Southeast Alaska, check them out!

Very happy with my call and plan to keep using it for many more years to come!”

Jarred Stone

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